• Greek Coins and their Values - Obra Completa 2 Volumes!


    Obra completa de David Sear sobre a cunhagem grega:
    Greek Coins and Thier Values, Vols 1 and 2. David Sear. Sear, David R. Greek Coins and Thier Values, Spink (Seaby), 1978, 316 pages, 3400 listings with valuations, 1500 illustrations, cloth, dust jacket. 1997 reprint. 
    - Volume 1 covering the early Celtic and Greek coins arranged geographically from Spain in the West to the Peloponnese and Crete in the East.
    1998 reprint, 446 pages, 4500 coins listed and valued, 2000 photographic illustrations, black cloth, dust jacket. 
    - Volume 2 covers city states of Asia Minor, coinages of the Greek east from Syria and Phoenicia to Babylonia and Baktria, North Africa (Kyrene and Carthage), and the principal kingdoms of the Hellenistic Age - the Ptolemaic dynasty.