• Moeda Romana Diva Faustina Senior (AD 138-140/1)


    Diva Faustina Senior (AD 138-140/1). AE as (27mm, 11.53 gm, 6h). NGC Choice VF 4/5 - 3/5.Rome, after AD 141. DIVA FAV-STINA•, veiled, draped bust of Diva Faustina Senior right, seen from front, hair elaborately waved in several loops around head under thin band, braided, drawn up and coiled on top with pearls / CONSE-C-RATIO, Vesta standing facing, head left, sacrificing from patera in right hand over lit altar at left, lit grounded torch in left hand; S-C across fields. RIC III (Antoninus Pius) 1187.

    From the Morris Collection

    REF: 7298